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Valentine's Day Shopping Guidelines
2017.04.11 Views: 30

After the Spring Festival, the winter is over. Coupled with the upcoming Valentine's Day, do you feel that all around is filled with romantic atmosphere? Pink sweater, shoes, bags, girls’ heart are exploded with them! How to wear fashion and romantic on Valentine's Day? Below are some useful tips on what to shop for that day.First, you can prepare a dress that suit any occasion, such as long sleeve dresses, v-neck dresses, sexy dresses, lace dresses and more. The color can be pink, light blue, lilac, beige etc.Although skirts are beautiful and sexy, now the warm days haven’t come yet because of the spring cold whether, so girls still need to wear jackets to keep style. At the same time, the temperature must also take into account; therefore, getting a coat is also necessary. The material mix and match are tested with technology, pink fur coat with irregular cake yarn skirt, elegant skirt in the wind, so you can turn into a princess and will be easily lifted to the hearts of male gods. Teddy's coat is even more environmentally friendly, and very personal. In the mix of colors with the common pink and white, or with the gray, blue, black ... ... think about it, almost no color with the pink does not take, even if the phosphor combined with fluorescent green is very harmonious picture.The dresses and coats are finish, and you must prepare a pair of comfortable, fashion and beautiful prom shoes, match a clutch or handbag. Finally, dressing up, and waiting for your boyfriend to pick! Have a good time for your valentine’s day. Best wishes and good luck to you!...

2017.04.07 Views: 45

Valentine's Day is one romantic festival among so many festivals. Different people have diverse ways to celebrate it. As the name suggests, Valentine's Day should specially belong to lovers. Most of lovers think that it should be as the same as daily. Every day is Valentine’s Day as long as they are together. However, life needs ceremony to mark the day as different. Below are some ideas for you to spend your Valentine's Day.Sending Gifts to Each OtherGifts are the best way to express your love. Try to send a wonderful gift by shipping in time if you can’t be together by chance on Valentine's Day. It's no need to be very expensive but enough to express your love.Nowadays, online shopping become the most convenient way to buy gifts, especially for those who are not together.One Romantic DinnerBusy for job in day, it is happy to have dinner at night. A wonderful dinner needs at least two factors. They are good place and beautiful outfit. You need to book a table first. If you are female, you will not need to book the table, but your dressing does matter. A beautiful outfit can make the dinner better and memorable.One Unprepared JourneyTravel is the best way to check your feeling. One romantic travel is worth to own if you have enough time. It’s also the best time to promote your feeling.Do Something Which Just Belongs to You TwoActually, Valentine’s Day should not be one stable model. After all, every couple has their individual story and meaning about this day. Maybe today is their anniversary. Probably this day is the first time of meeting each other to some lovers.Which one is your way? And are there any special stories to you?...

Women's Day Shopping Guidelines
2017.04.11 Views: 17

The Women’s Day will coming, and do you have any ideas for the day? Many people may want to give their mother or girlfriend some surprises to memorize the festival, so which way you will choose? We have some good ideas for you to make your mother or girlfriend happy.First, if you know what hobbies they have, then the gifts will be prepared easily! If they like to travel, you can hand them an air ticket or the tour ticket for the place they want to go. The best way is that you travel together with them. If so, they must be happy and exciting!If your mother or wife have no time to travel, you can choose the second idea, sending gifts to them, such as a bunch of flowers, a fashion women dress, a women top or bottoms and any other gifts you can choose. We recommend you to choose TBdress online store to shop these gifts. Here you can get many styles and high quality items! Besides, Tbdress also has many fashion brands to choose, such as young 17, Clocolor, Kinikiss, Sisjuly and more. Each brand has its own characteristics and the age range.If you want to make your mother, wife or female friends happy, do not hesitate to visit Tbdress. What’s more, big discounts are waiting for you!...

2017.04.11 Views: 23

Do you know the International Women's Day? We think many people know it, but how many people really know what the source and purpose of Women's Day is? Now we can tell you some information about the Women's Day. It is mainly in the past patriarchal society, the majority of women have been oppressed and unequally treated. From March 8, 1909, the United States Chicago labor women strike parade since the 21st century has gone through a hundred years of history. In different regions, the focus of the celebration varies from ordinary celebration of women's respect, celebration of women's love to celebration of women's achievements in the economic, political and social spheres.International Women's Day is a testimony to women's history, 3.8 International Women's Day is a festival for women all over the world. This day is recognized by the United Nations, but also by many countries as a statutory holiday. Women from all corners of the globe are able to celebrate their own festivals on this day, even though they are distinguished by different borders, race, language, culture, economy and politics. Now different places have different ways to celebrate on the day, some countries: men are used to send the flowers or other gifts for their female friends, mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters, female colleagues and more; In Italy, Men give women yellow mimosa and so on; In China, the company often send the women goods, or living daily necessities, and not to work about half day!Except all these mentioned above, stores always hold different promotions for women. No matter you are shopping online or in department stores, you will see the discounts are big. Tbdress, as a popular online store, holds promotional sales every year with big discounts or coupons. If you do not have enough time or do not want to walk a lot or squeeze with others in stores, then online shopping must be a good choice. ...

White Day Shopping Guidelines
2017.03.13 Views: 70

March 14th is White Day per year. It is the continuation of Valentine’s Day on February 14th. White Day originated in the European countries, in the 1970s, it was accepted by Japanese, and widely circulated. Gradually, White Day is popular in Japan, Korea, China Taiwan and other regions.Compared to the hotness of Valentine’s Day, White Day is a sweet day. White is the representative of pure and spiritual like a young girl. After gradual spreading and development, white is more on behalf of hope and happiness and is the blessing of lovers.In Japan, boys give gifts to girls in return after getting gifts from girls on Valentine’s Day. But in other countries, it’s just opposite. According to legend, on February 14th, boys send girls gifts which are mostly roses and chocolate. After a month of consideration and inspection, on March 14th, if the girl sends gifts in return, it means that the girl acknowledges the boy, and they can fall in love.Then what gifts are sent on White Day? Pure handmade cookies are the main gifts on White Day. This comes from the love story of the British musician Edward Elgar couple, because Edward’s inspiration was derived from the pure handmade cookies produced by his wife – Queen’s Love Song. So, the pure handmade cookies are behalf of blandness, thoughtfulness and love from girls, and have become a kind of important gift sent to boys back. ...

2017.03.13 Views: 48

Do you know White Valentine's Day or White Day? Why called it White Valentine's day on March 14th? Generally considered it is a continuation for the Western Valentine's day, originated in Rome in the third Century.According to legend the emperor of Rome set up Valentine's Day in memory of a couple who had been put to death in February 14th for violating the marriage ban. After a month which is March 14th, a couple has sworn will never change until death, white Valentine’s Day began to spread to other countries. It is widely believed that Japan's first acceptance and promotion of this festival, as the cultural of Japan’s soft power makes Asian countries follow, so that no accurate records of Valentine's Day has become another "Valentine's Day" which young lovers value.White Valentine's Day is popular in Japan, Chinese Taiwan and other regions. In the gift is also different, in February 14th the men will send the specific gifts to the women, mainly is the rose or chocolate (just China and Anglo American Law). In March 14th White Valentine's day it's time to turn the women send gifts to the men. But Japan and Chinese Taiwan are just the opposite the February 14th is the girls send chocolate, March 14th is the boys reciprocate, the woman will usually want to confession her feeling for her lover on Valentine's Day (February 14th) when giving gifts to the right people, and received the gift of the other will reciprocate in March 14th and told the woman's own mind. ...

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